Saturday, 19 July 2014

The five things that adds a zest to my life.

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Playing and Watching Cricket.

Well, as we all know that cricket is the most popular game in India, I have been fascinated by it since my childhood. During my childhood days, I used to play it each day and I was the one who used to give a call to each of my friends staying in my colony. In those days, mobile or internet  was not accessible to everyone. So I used to shout outside their home at 4:00 pm and at times I got scolded by the neighboring people because it was me who always disturbed their afternoon power naps. I never bought a cricket bat but I always contributed with a khanna/Tennis ball.  
In this way at about 4.30 and at times up to 5.00 everyone used to be on the field and the game used to start by forming the teams. I remember that I was the so called teenager Shane Warne of my colony and yes this sentence seems hyperbolic. So this recognition surely added a zest to my cricketing skills and all of my colony friends who were big boys and few teenagers, they all found my bowling up to the mark and unplayable at most of the times. I remember taking few wickets from the leg side as shown in the video below: 

Watching Discovery Channel. 
I always prefer to watch the Discovery Channel and I have watched the serials like Man Vs Wild, Dual Survival, Food Factory, etc and lot more. Of all these shows, the Man Vs Wild is the show which adds a zest to my life because the host of this show Bear Grylls, has got an amazing exuberance and he keeps inventing the things that we have not even heard in the past. Well, I would surely like to go on an expedition like him and eat all the raw stuff like him. Watch his interview: 


I have been using a bicycle since my school days and even today I prefer it. It adds a zest to my life not because I save on the cost of fuel but because It helps me to evade traffic and get an exercise while travelling between two places. I remember once, me and my friends went on a bicycle journey which was of more than 10 kilometers and the occasion was to find an internship project. We did not succeed in getting as it was not related to our field so decided to return. 
While returning we were not tired because while coming back home we went to meet a mutual friends home. At first we thought we would not come inside his house as we are meeting him for the first time. But to our surprise, that friend in our group had already introduced us in their previous meetings. In this way, the mutual friend offered us a breakfast and he made sure that we would not feel awkward while having a conversation with him.     

Spending time with friends.
So as mentioned in the cycling zest of mine, I am also interested in spending time with my friends. This is the thing that everyone loves to do and it is the best time where we get a chance to help each other.  Spending time with friends really adds zest because they are the ones who share absolute remarks about us without any partiality. Again this statement seems to be hyperbolic, but at most of the times they surely help us by sharing their valuable opinion.  

Performing the tasks which seems to be tedious.

Well, I don't talk(write) much but right now I am performing a tedious task which seems difficult as we have to think a lot. :-) Yes, I like to do the tedious tasks that requires a lot of patience. I have found that the most of my siblings, relatives and friends are fed up at the earliest as well as they lose patience. My thinking is that if the task is to be completed, then why to panic even if it requires a tedious amount of efforts. For these tedious tasks, I have framed these words "Don't worry about the results, it's time to perform every now and then". After all adding a zest to our life depends on how we perform tasks rather than their results. So it's time to raise the bar as shown in the video below:

This post is a part of the Zest Up Your Life : "#ZestUpYourLife" activity in association with TATA Motors Zest and

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