Monday, 15 April 2013

Sunsilk Shampoo: Use it to get rid of tangled and curly hairstyle.

Now day’s boys and girls both are fed up with their tangled and curly hairstyles. But there some good looking people who carry their tangled and curly hairstyle which suites them on every occasion. On the other hand, in this busy world no one has that much time to get a perfect and straight looking hairstyle that could match up with everyday schedule. Getting straight hairstyle is a big challenge for many of the youth as well as the elder generation. Hence, a majestic shampoo is all set to offer a quick refurbish to everyday hairstyle and that shampoo is none other than Sunsilk Co-Creations which is specifically designed to offer straight hairstyle and now everyone could say in style, “LOCK KARO, ROCK KARO”.

I have tried this majestic Sunsilk Co-Creations shampoo and it really is a great solution which offers straight and stylish hairstyle for both girls and boys. Yes, now days most of the boys have started to wear long hairstyles and I commit that it really is a big challenge for boys to wear a straight hairstyle. In this way, Sunsilk is the only shampoo which nourished my 1 foot long hairstyle and all my friends used to ask me on how to get such nourished long and straight hair. Most of my friends have short spiky hairstyle and prior to the invention of Sunilk Co-creations shampoo, they have said to me that my hairstyle looks unhealthy as well as they don’t remain straight. I tried every shampoo but only sunsilk stood out and it offered me a great look as well.

Hence, according to my experience I would review this majestic Sunsilk Co-creations shampoo by giving a score of 10 out of 10 only because it offered a perfect straight hairstyle and it nourished them as well. To be exact, I would compare it with the 10,000 electricity wire that gets a zigzag shape during the summer season whereas in the rainy season that wire looks perfectly straight. But the difference in this example is that even when the wet hairstyle lacks in moisture, the specific formula of Sunsilk co-creations shampoo holds some of the moisture and it gives a perfect straight hairstyle. Hence, this shampoo is a best solution to get well nourished as well as perfect straight hairstyle to both male and female users.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Amazing formation of Clouds during sunset.

One day I was standing in my balcony and it was around 6.15 pm and I was just wanted to pass the time. Eventually my eyes went up towards the sky and I was amazed by the structure of the clouds in the sky. I was so excited that I kept watching the clouds and I thought that it is the best moment to capture. I really want to thank GOD for giving me a sense to capture that moment with my mobile handset of the type Nokia 5220 XpressMusic.  

Hence, I started to click the formation of clouds and it was so beautiful that I clicked near about 11 images in a row of that formation. But this entire scenario was only for few minutes before sunset. Therefore, it is an amazing moment of my life. 

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