Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My Delhi Manifesto – Exclude the things which are harming our ecosystem.

          The national capital of India, Delhi, is the heart of our nation and it is oblivious to know that some things are heading in wrong direction. The most affecting part for me as the citizen of this nation is that we are following the practices of other nations. For example we wear the outfits which are exactly similar to the ones that are being practiced in colder region. And we need the Air Conditioner’s to keep ourselves working in the closed cabinet of well constructed cement office building which has been constructed with unnecessary usage of glass as well. So I just want to focus on the basic things which are harming our ecosystem just because we don’t even want to think over it. But thanks to for conducting this My Delhi Manifesto contest where we can focus on some issues which really need to be changed at the earliest.  

           I would like the following changes to take place at the earliest.

Minimized bicycle usage: 

          Today is the world of speed and every individual in the city wants to drive a moped, bike or a car at the earliest rather than using a bicycle. This practice is going to earn us nothing but a pollution title not because Delhi is the largest city in India but because of the exploding population. So it is very important to encourage the citizens of Delhi to maximize the bicycle usage.    

 Exclude glass usage in construction of office buildings, apartment and house: 

          Now a days we all are fond of well constructed house, office buildings as well as apartments and yes we do take care of installing the glass windows as well as using the colored glass to obtain the exotic look. So is it really necessary to make enormous usage of glass where the climate is hot and humid at most of the times? Hence, it is better to exclude the usage of glass which affects our ecosystem by generating heat.

Air Conditioner – Is it necessary:

          As mentioned above if we make use of glass to construct our office buildings or home then obviously we will have to install a powerful Air Conditioner (AC) which will keep the temperature down and that to at the cost of electricity as well as the CFC is being gifted to our atmosphere. So why can’t we refrain from installation of Air Conditioners?

Well constructed Sports Stadiums are closed in off season: 

          Being the host of first most Asian Games, the citizen’s of Delhi are not inclined towards sports. I feel that every citizen should involve themselves into sports and make use of the well constructed stadiums which remain closed during the off season. So why are the citizens not using them to stay fit and healthier?

Large amount of electricity consumption:
          As Delhi ranks 2nd most populated urbanization in the world, it obviously needs a large amount of electricity supply. Are the residents of Delhi getting ample amount of electricity supply? As of now there is no shortage but what if less is available in the grid itself?

          Are we really prepping up to change our lifestyle? It is the time for us to start changing the things which falls under the section of unnecessary things and I have tried to mention few of them in the above post which are widely affecting our ecosystem.  

          This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with


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