Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Everyone: Keep on learning and always do right things in your life.

Every living being has to keep on learning and one should choose to do the right things throughout their life despite of the difficulties that come in their way. There are many things in our life from which we learn and it is our responsibility to transfer these moral learning’s to the small children’s and all the people who wish to build a perfect social living environment.

In this way we learn many things in our life and it matters the most on how we look at the things, learn from it and telecast the right energy towards the society and especially towards the young generation of the country. In this way, I would like to share few events of my life which I have experienced, learned from it and I want the younger generation to take note of it.

I saw, I learned event 1: Do not throw trash anywhere in the country.
One day, I was travelling with my classmate and we ate few chocolates and chips while travelling through the bus. Soon the bus took a halt near small hotel which was less crowded and by this time we were ended up with the trash of chips pocket an chocolates. I thought that I should throw all this trash near that hotel so that there will no trash along the highway. Soon my fellow classmate shouted at me, what are you doing? I said come on it is a small hotel and its owner might be cleaning the hotel every day and I think this is the best place to throw our trash. Again my friend yelled at me, do you see any dustbin outside there? I said, nope. Then my friend said that you better hand over all that trash to me so that I can drop it inside the dustbin and not on the roadside or in the premises of any hotel. He gathered all the trash and put it into his bag and I too helped him to pick up every piece that was in my hand. In this way, I learned that It is my responsibility towards keeping the nation clean and tidy and I should always choose to throw trash inside the dustbin and not around it or around the less crowded place. At this time I remembered that we always have a choice to do what is right. 

I saw, I learned event 2: Money is not the solution to help poor ones. 

One day I and my college friends decided to venture with our bicycles to an unknown place and we were enjoying the beautiful nature surroundings where sun was shining bright and we all were not tired of cycling as well. At that there was no any traffic on the road and we started a photo session and suddenly a moment appeared where a lady (might be around 50 to 55 years of age) started weeping in front of me and demanded money for her journey which was 20 kilometers away from that location. As this was the first ever event in my life my hands went towards my pocket and I offered her Rs. 10/- (at that specific moment, that was all that I had in my pockets and I even tried to search for more). And as soon as I offered money to that lady, she took it, stopped crying and went away in a flash (of course by walk and not by a vehicle for which she asked me money).

All my college friends were watching what I did and they kept quite till that lady disappeared. As soon as she disappeared my friends said that money was not the solution to help that poor lady as she went ahead by walk and she seemed to be the resident of that area. My friends then yelled at me and questioned me about my act of offering money to help her. They said we could have purchased her a ticket if she was really going to venture ahead. At this time looking at that scenario, I learned that really money was not the solution for that first most situation in my life. I apologized to my friends and then they also said to me that we should help them but offering money is wrong and they also said that small poor boys and girls should not offered money as their parents force them to do wrong in their very early age. My friends said if you really want to help them then you should offer them food and not money. In this way, I learnt that we need to help others but offering money is totally wrong at such unpredictable situations.

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