Sunday, 28 October 2012

Eagle at Sunset

I was watching the trajectory of the Asian Eagle bird and I thought that I could capture it using camera. We all know that the Asian Eagle fly so swiftly that at times we don’t even see from where they are coming from. I made a number of attempts to capture it but I failed most of the times. Yes its motion was at a high speed and I couldn’t capture the exact moment. So in this photograph, I just focused on the sunset and later realized that the Asian Eagle could have been easily captured instead of capturing the sunset photograph. At this moment I was very upset because I missed on to the exact shot and connected my camera to PC and I started to watch the images. The very next moment I literally jumped out of my chair with joy because I had captured the Eagle in motion which I saw passing by while I felt that I missed on to click at the very moment. Hence, this action of Asian Eagle made my day.


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